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China’s IPO initiates patent search engine

China’s State Intellectual Property Office has officially initiated an intelligent patent search and service system in the last few weeks. It has been developed independently by the same office over the last two years. The system resembles existing extensive searchable patent archives that serve examiners and the public alike. It is reported to contain eleven sub-systems and 639 modules, the public having access to four sub-systems and conventional search methods. At present it is the most complete and comprehensive data resource for patents in China. The system encompasses more than 80 million patent documents and a large number of additional data from 98 countries, regions, and organization.

Source: IPP in China


China’s Internet sector getting overcrowded
April 29, 2011, 11:48 am
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The immense success and potential of China’s internet sector has reached a point of attracting too many contenders. Parallels are being drawn between the US’s bursting tech bubble in the 90’s although industry executives and venture capitalists almost unanimously said that the paring down of competitive companies will  be more productive than devastating.

The key difference lies in China’s immense population; there are enough users and business models to support internet sector growth and justify speculative spending. Sock from standout companies Baidu Inc., and Youku have surpassed 50% growth and Sina Corp is trading at 77 times its 2011 earnings.

More companies have been raising billions in funds to invest in logistics and support an initial public offering, making start-up companies difficult to evaluate.

The severity of internet sector over-competition will likely be determined by how fast China can connect greater numbers of its population. Even though China has the biggest internet population in the world, the penetration rate is still a small 35 percent.

Source: Reuters