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China to punish websites for illegal music downloads

China’s Ministry of Culture will penalize 14 popular websites that have provided illegal music downloading software. The most notable amongst this group is Baidu Inc., whose “BiaduMP3” service was found to be in violation of the law.

Gaming companies will also face harsh punishment. 20, including Shenzen Xunlei Network Technology Ltd., have drawn the Ministry’s ire for using allegedly “vulgar” promotional methods to promote their games. No elaboration has been provided in regards to the specific definition of “vulgar.”

Source: Business Weekly


China Court Hears More Intellectual Property Cases
April 19, 2011, 5:19 pm
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Building on a massive crackdown on counterfeit goods this month, Chinese courts have accepted 40 percent more intellectual property cases over the last year. The number was a robust 42, 931 with verdicts rendered in 14,718.

The total value of disputed intellectual property was set at 1.2 billion dollars. Trade groups have long protested that China’s piracy consumer culture and production of counterfeit goods costs producers a massive, billions of dollars a year in lost potential sales.

The changing trend is highlighting the power and necessity of the Chinese courts. For example, more than half of the copyright cases involve content posted online, forcing the court to set new copyright precedents and standards.

The growing wave of litigation appears to be mainly between entities within China; of the 24, 724 copyright disputes heard in court, only 1,647 involved overseas plaintiffs, a declining number.

Source: NPR

Ruling on PCCW case next week
April 8, 2009, 2:45 am
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Chairman Richard Li

HONG KONG: The court will rule on the PCCW privatization case next Monday, High Court Judge Susan Kwan said after the second day of hearings into the matter.

PCCW Chairman Richard Li offered shareholders a buyout price of HK$4.2 per share to privatize the Hong Kong-based telecom carrier last December. The offer price was later increased to HK$4.5 due to opposition from minority shareholders. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) began to investigate the transaction after alleged vote rigging took place at the PCCW shareholder meeting on Feb 4.

Earlier, the SFC revealed in court that PCRD Deputy Chairman Francis Yuen had contacted Fortis’ Regional Head Lam Hau-wah before the key vote on the PCCW privatization plan on Feb 4.

SFC lawyer Winston Poon told the court yesterday that the regulator found that Yuen had talked to Lam thrice on the phone before he acquired PCCW shares from the market on Jan 5.

When SFC quizzed Yuen and Lam, both claimed that they had forgotten the contents of their phone conversations, he said.

The link-up between Yuen and Lam was found to be suspicious given that the latter used to earlier assist Yuen at Fortis Insurance. However, they deliberately played down the relationship during the inquiry, Poon said.

Benjamin Yu, the lawyer who represented PCCW’s major shareholder Starvest, earlier questioned the SFC investigation of Lam and Yuen, saying the probe was biased and incomplete. However, Poon did not agree with the contention.

Source: China Daily