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High-speed rail construction to connect Kunming to Singapore

Construction of the Kunming-Singapore High-Speed Railway began on Monday. Once it is completed, the new track will shorted travel time by train between Kunming and Singapore to approximately 10 hours.

The expanded rail network is meant to facilitate greater and more efficient trade with South-Asian countries.


China has world’s most registered trademarks

Reporting from Beijing on Thursday, Intellectual Property Rights official Tian Lipu announced that China has the world’s highest number of registered trademarks. Tian was speaking at a press conference at the State Council Information Office.

China received over a million new trademark applications in the last year alone and more than 1.22 patent applications. In addition to domestic patent applications submitted, Chinese applicants were said to have submitted 12,337 overseas under the Patent Operation Treaty. In terms of the Patent Operation Treaty, China represented the fourth largest group of applicants in the world.

Source: Asia News International