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High-speed rail construction to connect Kunming to Singapore

Construction of the Kunming-Singapore High-Speed Railway began on Monday. Once it is completed, the new track will shorted travel time by train between Kunming and Singapore to approximately 10 hours.

The expanded rail network is meant to facilitate greater and more efficient trade with South-Asian countries.


China to punish websites for illegal music downloads

China’s Ministry of Culture will penalize 14 popular websites that have provided illegal music downloading software. The most notable amongst this group is Baidu Inc., whose “BiaduMP3” service was found to be in violation of the law.

Gaming companies will also face harsh punishment. 20, including Shenzen Xunlei Network Technology Ltd., have drawn the Ministry’s ire for using allegedly “vulgar” promotional methods to promote their games. No elaboration has been provided in regards to the specific definition of “vulgar.”

Source: Business Weekly