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Microsoft Successfully Appeals in Alcatel-Lucent Case
Microsoft successfuly appealed a court decision in it's legal battle with Alcatel-Lucent

Microsoft successfuly appealed a court decision in it's legal battle with Alcatel-Lucent

A United States federal appeals court has said Microsoft Corp does not have to pay Alcatel-Lucent US$ 358 million for patent infringement because of problems with how the damages were calculated.

The disputed patent covers a method of entering information into fields on a computer screen without using a keyboard. Alcatel-Lucent says Microsoft’s Outlook calendar and other programs illegally used this technology.

A District Court jury determined that damages should roughly equal what Microsoft would have paid up front to license the technology from Alcatel-Lucent. But last Friday, the US Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit said the telecommunications company didn’t prove its technology was valuable enough to have merited US$358 million in royalties.

The appeals court judges told a district court to reconsider the penalty.

Alcatel-Lucent spokeswoman Mary Ward said in an e-mail that the company was disappointed with the decision.

However, in the same ruling, judges affirmed the underlying verdict against Microsoft, saying it was supported by substantial evidence.

This patent suit is the last of six stemming from claims that Lucent Technologies Inc, which was bought by Alcatel in 2006, filed in 2003 against PC makers Gateway Inc and Dell Inc over technology developed by Bell Labs, Lucent’s research arm. Microsoft later joined the list of defendants.

Source: Shanghai Daily


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